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    Be Proud of Zhu Zhangquan, an “Outstanding Leader of Chinese Enterprises in Transnational Operations” by Forbes

    Recently, Forbes China released the “Outstanding Leaders of Chinese Enterprises in Transnational Operations” list for the first time. One on the list is Zhu Zhangquan, chairman and general manager of Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd.


    “Outstanding Leaders of Chinese Enterprises in Transnational Operations” list aims to highlight the outstanding leaders of top Chinese transnational corporations.

    The sample list covers A-shares, H-shares and US-listed Chinese shares (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), requiring the overseas business of an enterprise to account for a large proportion. All on the list are either CEO or general manager of an enterprise, and they shall serve for at least the most recent three fiscal years.

    Forbes China highlights owners of listed enterprises in Mainland China with domestic and overseas market value of more than 10 billion RMB, focusing on the performance of these listed companies (including corporate revenue, net profit, growth rate and ROE indicators), stock price performance from 2016 to 2019, participation in the overseas capital market, overseas income and the ratio of overseas income to total income, overseas work experience, etc. In addition, only the enterprises that perform well in market size, stock price, revenue and other dimensions are considered, whereas the enterprises with accounting and management issues or major legal issues are excluded.

    Forbes China defines “outstanding leaders” as: CEOs who lead companies to achieve good market prospect/performance during their tenure, and important leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the company. Based on this principle, the standard are finally set through comprehensive evaluation and communication with experts and scholars in the industry. After screening, 50 “Outstanding Leaders of Chinese Transnational Enterprises” are selected.


    In his 30 years’ experience in the company, the best time of his life, Zhu Zhangquan has been devoted to the Chinese non-ferrous metal industry and Zhejiang copper processing. He has started from nobody in procurement, sales and production to somebody who has always outperformed the targets every year. In 2012, he took the position of general manager and started to implement refined management, technological transformation and product innovation in a comprehensive manner. By focusing on both “refined management” and “intelligent manufacturing”, he led the company to head for the “intelligent” modern industrial development and aimed to transform into a higher-end, smarter, more technological and more globally competitive enterprise. Under his leadership, Zhejiang Hailiang has become a new benchmark for industry development.

    “Where there is a market, there goes Zhejiang businessman, but our root always lies in Zhejiang!” During the rapid growth of enterprises, Zhu Zhangquan with an international strategic vision took consideration of various factors to facilitate a bigger and stronger Zhejiang production base. In addition, he also contributed to the self-building and acquiring of production bases in Shanghai, Anhui, Guangdong, Chongqing, Vietnam, Thailand, and the United States. Through these endeavors, Zhejiang Hailiang has rapidly implemented its globalization layout strategy and achieved high-quality development and transformation.

    In the future, under the guidance of the goal of “achieving leap-forward development in non-ferrous materials intellectual manufacturing”, Hailiang will upgrade its traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing by stepping out of the product and application ends, thereby contributing more to the social and economic development.

     Outstanding Leaders of Chinese Transnational Enterprises


    Notes: The “leaders” of this list are collectively referred to as CEO, general managers, presidents, bank presidents, etc. * represents the former CEO/president/general manager of an enterprise.

    Source: Forbes Ca Research、 Listed company annual report and announcement、Bloomberg、Choice Data

    List maker: Joel Li