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    Target at the Clear Objective, Advance Bravely against the Torrent —— Hailiang Co., Ltd. Ceremoniously Held the Business Analysis Conference of the first Half of 2020

    In the summer, Xianju has beautiful scenery, offering you a feeling of being in a fairyland on earth. Just at Hailiang Xianju Research and Study Park, from July 31st to August 1st, Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd. ceremoniously held the business analysis conference of the first half of 2020. After undergoing the attack of the COVID-19 and sluggish market in the first half year of 2020, nearly 100 management staff of each department, business unit and subsidiary of the HQ of Hailiang summarized and analyzed the performance condition of core business indexes in the first half of the year together and discussed the key work plans of the second half of the year with the keynote as what can we do at such an unprecedented adverse moment, specified the work objective and clarified the work direction.


    Profound summary and theme discussion

    On the afternoon of July 31st, the business management team carried out group discussions at the same time, including great production (equipment) group, technology quality group, sales group, financial group. Based on the work conditions, industry trend, strategic development direction, etc. of business plate, each group had self-criticism and summary for the problems in the work of the first half of 2020 one by one, looked for the best solution together, and jointly planned for the development of the second half of the year. Zhu Zhangquan, the president and general manager of Hailiang Co., Ltd. attended the conference of each group successively, and put forward guiding opinions for some key problems in the discussion. With the general managers instructive and leading guidance, the members of each group further analyzed the problems profoundly, and strengthened their confidence in breakthrough in the second half year of 2020.





    After the group discussion, the head of each group kept on carrying out the special meeting, to collect and summarize the discussion results of each group.


    The great production (equipment) group summarized from the perspective of equipment management, operation management of technical project, talent cultivation and management, etc. The technology and quality group analyzed the status quo of the technology R&D, quality cost, equipment management, and product development. The sales group analyzed the market condition of the first half of the year, pointed out pain point and difficult point in work, adjusted and planned the work of the second half of the year in accordance with difficult problems. The financial department put forward to enhance the internal synergy of the company with the continuous expansion of the companys scale to maintain the high efficiency operation of the companys financial system with high circulation.

    After listening to the summary of each group head, the general manager pointed out that the company needs to further improve quality cost management and take it as the effective guarantee for reinforcing the product competitiveness. The general manager highlighted that the company need to have systematic and synergetic progress under the precondition of maintaining the stock market, and each production base and each function department need to further enhance work synergy and further strengthen development for incremental market.


    Confronted with severe external condition in the first half of the year, Hailiang Co., Ltd. actively dealt with the change of macro situation, sought development in crisis and specified strategic position in change. The company closely focused on the development strategy and annual business plan, attached great importance to core strategic objective, adhered to the craftsmanship spirits, and actively promoted the development of non-ferrous manufacturing.

    Rise by seeking any opportunity and advance in hardship

    On August 1st, Hailiang Co., Lid held business analysis conference of the first half of 2020 officially, and the conference is presided over by the deputy general manager Wang Sheng.

    At first, Feng Jianwei, the deputy general manager of the marketing management center of Hailiang Co., Ltd. explained >the status quo and future of marketing at the special period from the perspective of sales performance condition, market analysis and future work ideas in details. 


    Then Chen Dong, director of financial management center of Hailiang Co., Ltd. shared his financial work experience-data is an asset and a power. He believes that the competition of companies in the future is the competition of digitalization; with the progress of financial technology and the needs of company business development, it is necessary to improve the collection ability of financial data, to refine and master business information by taking data as the core, and to improve the companys value with data.


    It is wise to rely on any favorable trend and not to lose any opportunity. Finally, Zhu Zhangquan, the president and general manager of Hailiang Co., Ltd. had the keynote report of what can we do at such an unprecedented adverse moment. The general manager had analysis and judgment for the macro economic situation and industry operation form, analyzed the company products competitiveness profoundly, summarized the companys core advantage and specified the development direction and specific measures at such a unprecedented adverse moment, which makes every staff clear of the companys objective planning and convinced of their confidence for the future.


    The general manager said: at such an unprecedented adverse moment, I need to thank all staff of Hailiang Co., Ltd., and thank you all for your efforts and contributions. After 30 years of both adversity and prosperity, Hailiang Co., Ltd. still survives vigorously, so I need to thank all current and former Hailiang employees for their efforts and contributions. In the future, our company needs to run healthier and longer. Only all the shareholders of Hailiang Co., Ltd. have one common objective and one common dream, take firm actions, apply wisdom, and make  persistent efforts, can the grand vision of becoming an international giant of non-ferrous manufacturing become true!

    At such an unprecedented adverse moment, Hailiang Co., Ltd. will target at the clear objective, and advance bravely against the torrent!