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    Lead the Industry Ecology Construction —— Work Reporting Conference of Hailiang in 2020 Held Grandly

    To comprehensively summarize the annual operation management work in 2020, Hailiang held the annual work reporting conference from January 29th to 31st, 2021. President and general manager Zhu Zhangquan, deputy general manager Wang Sheng, deputy general manager Dong Zhiqiang, and responsible persons of each unit and each function department, etc. participated in the conference, and bases of other provinces reported their work through video link.


    Zhu Zhangquan put forward two requirements for this work reporting conference: one is to thoroughly recognize the important significance of annual work reporting, understand the negligence and insufficiency in work, get clear of the key work points in the future, and seek for new breakthrough; the other is to require all the participants to have the attitude of seeking truth from the facts and being conscientious and responsible to listen to each reporter’s report, discover problems, put forward problems and form more effective conclusions.


    On the conference, the responsible person of each unit and each department reported the work completion condition of 2020 and the key work objective of 2021 by focusing on the annual operation objective of the company, had reflection and analysis for the discovered problems, and put forward the work planning of 2021. After the reporters completed their work report, the conference participants put forward relevant questions for the work report condition as per self work condition, Zhu Zhangquan had detailed comments on the work report of each unit and department, and pointed out the problems and put forward explicit requirements for the work of 2021. 


    This work report conference is for conclusion as well as exchange, encouragement and mobilization, not only enhances the development consciousness and innovation awareness of each unit and department responsible person, but also lays solid foundation for completing various work tasks of 2021 successfully.

    Hailiang will summarize the experience, embrace the transition, empower with technology, forge ahead, inject new vitality for the enterprises continuously through continuous technology R&D, technology and equipment improvement. Hailiang will stick to the more pragmatic and efficient ingenuity manufacturing spirits, serve the society and people with high quality products and make huger contributions for promoting the economic development.