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    School-enterprise Cooperation | Vietnam's “Hailiang Class” held a Graduation Ceremony and a Second-phase Opening Ceremony


    On May 11st, the graduation ceremony of “Hailiang Class” Chinese Proficiency Level HSK1 and the opening ceremony of HSK2 were held in the conference room of the Vocational and Technical College of Tien Giang Province, Vietnam. Leaders of the Political Bureau of Tien Giang Province, principals and vice-principals of vocational and technical schools attended the ceremony. Li Zhuzheng, deputy general manager of Hailiang (Vietnam) Copper Industry Co., Ltd., and Zhang Yuqiong, director of the Comprehensive Management Office, attended the meeting.


    “Hailiang Class” is a pilot class set up by Hailiang Vietnam Copper Industry and Tien Giang Vocational and Technical College to jointly explore new forms of running schools aiming to cultivate international talents in professional technologies and languages. Officially established on March 26, 2021, it has 21 registered students now. This class's course combines the dual modes of on-campus and internship, allowing students to learn Chinese literature while practicing blue-collar jobs. Before graduation, they can pass the Chinese level 3 proficiency test and master the blue-collar knowledge and skills of level 4.


    “Hailiang Class” officially started Chinese teaching on April 15th, 2021, and switched to online teaching in June due to the pandemic. In April 2022, in the first-level written and oral Chinese proficiency test organized by the company, all students passed the test and completed the first stage of learning tasks. At the graduation ceremony, Huang Mingxiao, a student of “Hailiang Class”, gave a speech of learning in Chinese. He described his worries when he learned Chinese at first, gradually found Chinese interesting, and now he could start simple conversations with his Chinese friends. This great change made him very proud. His speech was highly praised by all the teachers and company leaders at the scene.


    Ruan Guangkai, president of Tien Giang Vocational and Technical College, said that the “Hailiang Class” has successfully established a mature training system and achieved a huge change from scratch, setting a model for the future cooperation between schools and enterprises. In particular, he expressed his gratitude to Vietnam Hailiang Copper Industry. It was the teachers and scholarship provided by Vietnam Hailiang Copper Industry that helped “Hailiang Class” to achieve such a huge change. Finally, he hoped that all the students of “Hailiang Class” can double their efforts in the later study.


     After had listened to the student representative of “Hailiang Class” speaking in Chinese, Li Zhuzheng sincerely praised, “the achievement of such a high level in such a short period of time shows that “Hailiang Class” has achieved certain results in study. “Hailiang Class” was a concept, but it has achieved great success so far through crossing the river by feeling the stones. It shows that this school-enterprise school-running model is successful, and also sets a model for the school and other Chinese-funded enterprises. I hope to continue to strengthen cooperation with the school in the future.”

    After the ceremony, all the participants had lunch with the students of “Hailiang Class” for further communication.